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funeral home, utah, southern, mortuary,hurricane

funeral home, utah, southern, mortuary,hurricane

Edward A. (Ted) and Vivian Spilsbury

Following in his father's footsteps, Ted Spilsbury is a second generation Funeral Director. Ted and his father, LeGrande Spilsbury, have served the residents of southern Utah, Arizona, and Nevada for a combined total of nearly 70 years. Today, Spilsbury Mortuary is one of the finest funeral homes in the western United States. Currently serving all of southern Utah and sections of Arizona and Nevada, this beautiful mortuary is often referred to as the “Crown Jewel of Funeral Service.”

As Ted and Vivian reflect upon the Spilsbury heritage of funeral service, they are very pleased that they have been able to reach such a high level of service and professionalism on behalf of the families they serve. readmore

Ted and Vivian, along with their professional and caring family of staff members, share this mission:


To provide meaningful and memorable experiences for the families we serve in all areas in which we serve them.
To truly care for our community and the families we serve in all of life's celebrations and activities.
To provide exceptional services and quality that far exceeds the expectations of the families we serve.
To provide comfort, hope and peace to the families we serve through the adherence of our guiding principles and the Spilsbury heritage of funeral service.



funeral home, utah, southern, mortuary,hurricane

Kerry Gubler
Funeral Director – Certified Pre-Need Counselor

Ted and Vivian Spilsbury are proud to announce the affiliation of Kerry Gubler to the Spilsbury team of caring professionals. "I am proud to be a member of a team of individuals who consider it their first priority to take such great care of families who experience the loss of a loved one. I've known Ted and Vivian for years and have heard it said more than once that they truly are 'the crown jewel of funeral service,'" said Kerry. Kerry, a long-time resident of LaVerkin, commented that: "Being a part of that long standing heritage of funeral service and serving the families of eastern Washington County, is very meaningful to me and my family"

funeral home, utah, southern, mortuary,hurricane

Tony Whitney
Funeral Director

Why are you passionate about the funeral service business?

I really enjoy the feeling that I am a part of something that makes a difference in people's lives. My true passion, and the reason that I entered funeral service, is simply to be there for the families we serve. I find myself going through many emotions along the funeral path. Our families experience so many feelings, and I find that the bond I develop with each individual is a miracle beyond words.

funeral home, utah, southern, mortuary,hurricane

Bill Brough
Funeral Director’s Assistant

You have been in this industry for quite some time. What makes you know you are working in a place that mimics your own philosophy?

At Spilsbury, the thing that is most evident is that everybody here works together as a team to serve families with the highest quality service, and in a way that helps them know we are compassionate and really care about what emotions they are feeling at the worst possible time. I think everybody here has experienced the pain of losing a loved one and truly understands the importance of offering the right kind of support at the right time. It's a good feeling to know that we can all make a difference and contribute to a family's need for a support system just by being who we are in our own lives.

funeral home, utah, southern, mortuary,hurricane

Aimee Sawyer
Administrative Coordinator

What has been most memorable in your time with Spilsbury?

All of the experiences and amazing people I have encountered since entering the funeral service business have been vastly rewarding for me. I am learning that every family we serve will be etched into my memory for years and years to come. While we are a huge part of their lives for a few painful days, the families we serve become embedded in our hearts through their stories and personal experiences.

funeral home, utah, southern, mortuary,hurricane


Julie Brough
Family Programs Coordinator – Administrative Assistant

What is the single most rewarding thing to you about being part of the Spilsbury Family?

I am very honored to work for Spilsbury Mortuary, where everyone is so dedicated to each family and their needs. The most rewarding thing for me is the privilege of carrying out the wishes of the families, each with their own unique needs. At a time when parents or spouses are least able to think about putting a program together for their loved one, my goal is to assure them that a beautiful memorial will be created uniquely for them in celebration of their loved one’s life.

When I hear “oh, that’s so much more than we expected” or “mother (or dad) would have loved this” then I know that family is again grateful for all of the care and compassion we have provided for them. Having lost my own parents and a nephew, I know the emotional pain they are going through. The same amount of energy and love is put into creating the funeral programs as if they were for my own family.

funeral home, utah, southern, mortuary,hurricane


Jeff Marshall
Assistant Funeral Director

funeral home, utah, southern, mortuary,hurricane


Administrative Coordinator



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